KOUFOZISIS SA - CRETANROOT is a family run company whose members are involved personally with the production and export of table grapes predominantly of the variety Thompson Seedless. The place where table grapes are cultivated is called Archanes, a traditional village 15 km away from the city of Herakleion and 10 km away from the archaeological site of Knossos. Archanes is a well-known area in Greece for the production of qualitative grapes due to its microclimate.

Many years ago, table grapes of the variety Rozaki were mostly being produced, but from 1990 they have been substituted by the variety Thompson Seedless.

Beginning from the vineyards, the cultivation of the grapes is done by experienced producers who take care of their vineries all year round in order to guarantee the quality of the end product. Then, in the self-owned packing house, all the procedures which can assure its safety are in place so as to meet the demands of our clients and the strict European Union regulations.

The above mentioned procedures are audited every year by the accredited Certification Body TUV HELLAS (member of TUV Nord Group). The harvesting period begins from the mid July to the end of October. The quality and safety of the product are of an utmost importance for us. Therefore, we strive to trade grapes of high quality. We guarantee that our products will arrive well packed and in excellent condition to their final destination.