Grape Varieties


Grape Varieties

The variety Thompson Seedless is our pride and joy since this is the variety that got us into table grapes.. For this reason, we are particularly proud for the amount of work we put into our products. Since we are constantly developing, we decided to invest in other varieties as well. We adapted the variety Crimson Seedless and by being in collaboration with International Fruits Genetics (IFG), we have adopted the varieties of Sweet Globe™, Sugar Crisp™, Sweet Celebration™ and Jack’s Salute™. In collaboration with the Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center, we adopted the variety Autumn Pearl.

Thompson Seedless

This variety has a green seedless grape. It was firstly introduced in California, in the late 1800s. The name of the variety is accredited to viticulturist William Thompson, who is considered to be the one who introduced this variety. During the growing phase, it has a light green color. During the harvest, in the heart of the summer season, the variety has gained a milky color. As far as the soil is concerned, there are a lot of types that can be considered suitable for this variety, as long as there is good drainage. These grapes need a proper level of caring, which our team is expert at providing, ensuring a really high quality grape.

Crimson Seedless

This variety has a red seedless grape with an attractive appearance. The skin color varies from pink to a dark pink-red. These grapes are considered mildly crunchy. This variety is a popular choice among retailers due to the variety’s storage capabilities which allows for longer storage. It is also known for its harvesting period, which is relatively late within the season, making it a great variety for consumption even during the fall.

Sweet Globe™

This variety has a green seedless grape. The grape has a good taste with low acidity and crunchy texture. The skin color is a light green to milky. The grapes have really good storage capabilities and their stem holds very well, with no bruising under cold conditions.

Sugar Crisp™

This variety has a green seedless grape. Its name resembles exactly its grapes; they are crisp and sweet. It has a thin skin which is a pale-green to pale-yellow color. The stem’s resistance is also well-known. This variety is considered very crunchy with a very good level of sweetness to it. Growers are attracted to Sugar Crisp for a number of reasons, the main ones being its good productivity, large berries, sweetness and color.

Sweet Celebration™

This variety has a red seedless grape with good eating qualities. Its taste is really good with a crunchy texture. This variety is particularly well-known because of its distinctive color. Its taste is really sweet but with good acid balance, making it noticeably well received among consumers.

Jack’s Salute™

This variety has a red seedless grape. The grape’s skin is considered firm to crispy, and its flavor is really good. Their skin color is pink-crimson, sometimes darker or lighter, depending on the growing conditions.

Autumn Pearl

This variety has a red seedless grape. Its texture makes it particularly crunchy and its taste can be considered fruity with a light aroma. It is a really vigorous variety because of its vibrant color.

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