Our Investments



Our company, since its foundation, has been investing every year in its facilities, land and its human capital. More specifically, we are always on the lookout for new land on which we can enhance our cultivation.


We have also constructed a new lake reservoir, through which, water naturally flows using gravity to all our estate, without the need of pumps. The scope of this project is double. To store water during the winter months since it often rains and in this way, relief the public water network during the summer months.


We have incorporated an contemporary trellis system for both our family’s and our growers’ fields to ensure the correct way of plant development.


As far as our human capital is concerned, we pay particular attention to it since we grow every year. The relationship we have with our growers, employees and workers is tight and we always strive to make sure that all the people having to do with us are passionate and holders of great love for their job. We fully understand the importance of the above mentioned, since without these characteristics, we would not be able to grow and develop in the way we do.


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