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Our Story

KOUFOZISIS SA – CRETANROOT is a family run company whose members are involved personally with the production and export of table grapes predominantly of the variety Thompson Seedless. The place where table grapes are cultivated is called Archanes, a traditional village 15 km away from the city of Herakleion and 10 km away from the archaeological site of Knossos. Archanes is a well-known area in Greece for the production of qualitative grapes due to its microclimate.

In the past, our area was well known for the variety Rozaki. It was a really tasty variety that was the signature of our area with great exports. This gave the necessary skills and love to the growers which passed this knowledge to the next generations.

Following the trend of the markets, the area started cultivating the variety Thompson Seedless in the 1990s. This variety became our signature and it is our pride and joy!

Our vineyards are located in the villages of Archanes and Silamos, in the heart of Crete. Thanks to the microclimate which prevails in these two areas and the highly fertile soil, we are able to produce grapes with excellent flavor, strength, freshness and crunchiness, factors that place them among the best table grapes of the variety Thompson Seedless, not only in Crete, but in Greece as well.

The latter happens because of our love for the product and the special care with which we cultivate our vineries. All these, have as a result table grapes of premium quality.